Humanitarian Organization for Philanthropic Enthusiasm (HOPE) is a group of energetic former Bhutanese refugee youths committed for creating a humanitarian environment among the Nepali/Bhutanese community, immigrants, refugees, but not limited to, worldwide.


Initially, the organization is to save and integrate the value of Nepali culture among resettled Bhutanese in the USA with their dignified manner. And moreover, HOPE will strive for promoting awareness on educational rights of Children, creating awareness about its relevance and to develop vibrant cultural ethics in the community and above all to keep-up the cultural identity.


Amidst very difficult and awful situation in the refugee camps we strived for saving our social values in the exiled Bhutanese Community in Nepal and thereby fulfilled the dream of many who were seen disgruntled with their own life being refugee with no certainty of their future.


After the dream of getting back to own homeland got shattered, the opportunity of relocation (resettlement) commenced in various parts of the globe, a need is felt to extend and upgrade the then and existing our moral as civilized and human loving people from Bhutan.


Now, HOPE shall be the representative youth organization in the Bhutanese community across the globe, with dedication to promote, preserve and develop our social values, arts and culture so as to maintain our ethnic cultural identity as Nepali speaking Bhutanese and to accept social diversity in the USA and around the globe.