Short-Term and Long-Term Goals:


  1. HOPE will build an energetic and dedicated volunteer (may be paid/non-paid) network as much as possible in the State of Ohio, in other States in the USA.


  1. HOPE runs English Language classes for seniors and for the people with minimal English or no English concentrated on acquiring citizenship starting from the City of Cleveland, OH effective May 2017 and will expand in Columbus, Akron, and Cincinnati subsequently: other cities in Ohio will be determined as deemed necessary and the program will be taken to the other states as well fulfilling the legal requirements.


  1. HOPE assists New Americans struggling with day to day activities for instance attending doctor’s appointments, finding jobs etc.


  1. HOPE connects New Americans with disabilities to the American Sign Language institutions and other benefits according to their needs.


  1. HOPE conducts reoccurring seniors’ get-together programs for their recreational engagement.


  1. HOPE runs awareness programs against school-dropouts and plays roles to readmit.


  1. HOPE promotes vocational trainings.


  1. HOPE encourages adults to get back to their educational journey, may include GED or from wherever they have left for continuing education and assists them to understand the student aids, available public transportation and other requirements associated with their level of education.


  1. In collaboration with the stakeholders HOPE will conduct Traffic Education workshops among the New Americans in the state of Ohio and nationwide.


  1. HOPE conducts various events of games and sports for the engagement and development of youths.


  1. HOPE conducts various cultural and musical events to preserve cultures and to create the recreational environment for the people with different age-categories in the community.


  1. HOPE runs Nepali language classes in the Bhutanese/Nepali community, and other language classes will be run in collaboration with different community leaders.


  1. HOPE conducts classes on Fine Arts, Painting, photography, and Graphic Design which will be displayed in a suitable location and will be taken them to different exhibitions in different times.


  1. HOPE runs Theater/Acting and choreography classes.


  1. In collaboration with the stakeholders HOPE will conduct classes on civil rights and responsibilities in the community.


  1. In collaboration with the stakeholders HOPE will conduct classes on safety and security in the community.


  1. HOPE will work on preparing a volunteer team to assist any kind of disaster victims (may include flood, fire, earthquake etc.).


  1. HOPE researches for the remote locations around the globe where there are no facilities of schools, and runs educational programs (if international organization’s status is legally obtained).


  1. HOPE determines the children under poverty and assists them with necessary requirements to admit/readmit school around the globe (if international organization’s status is legally obtained).


  1. HOPE collaboratively works with the stakeholders to preserve and promote clean environment and takes initiatives on plantation and sanitation programs.


  1. HOPE will create a global virtual village among the resettled Bhutanese in different countries to promote exchanging their success stories. This program may be taken to the immigrants other than Bhutanese as well.


  1. HOPE will build a “Community Center” which will be a kind of a research center with a mixed library and museum to picturize the story of refugees.